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Journey Missionary Life

Muddy roads, coffee & a mug that says BLOOM

August 27, 2018

This is one of my favorite photos. Yes, the photo with us covered in mud. Why? Because of the story and comradery behind it.

It was just this past January but I will remember this day forever. I imagine I’m not the only one. 😉

The roads were so bad we had already broken the 4-wheel drive once on the trip before. So after having 4-wheel drive repaired, we opted to drive the truck as far as we could do as to not have a repeat of the time before. The motorcycles were on the back of the truck so as soon as we parked the truck, off they came to go the rest of the way. Ever and Edwin were driving the motos so first the video and camera guys got on the back (they had no idea what they had gotten roped into. 😬) Ashley and I got tired of waiting after awhile and decided to start hiking through stickiest deep mud you can imagine. We didn’t get far before the guys were back for us and we hopped on the back of the motorcycles. Mud splattered all over us. There were a couple of falls and it was the most fun and scary adventure.

When we reached the “entrance” of the farm, we started a hike straight up. Like no joke—straight up. Edwin and Ashley were in front of me, and Edwin grabbed Ashley’s hand and all but dragged her up in spite of her protests to slow down. 😂 We can laugh now but I promise you no one was laughing that day. As I look back, that might not have been the wisest decision for my 3-month pregnant self and I promise you I did not think I would make it that day.

Somehow Ever and I fell way behind and got a bit turned around. (Stopping to eat 2 times while your guide forges ahead can make that happen!) BUT finally we made it to the farm.

We were greeted by a mud covered videographer and photographer along with Edwin’s dad and Don Rafael, the farm caretaker and his family. Coffee and tortillas and other foods were soon put in front of us.

We were treated and honored as special guests but that day was the beginning of something more. More than a partnership. More than a video. More than a coffee project.

It was the start of friendship.

In Honduras, it’s customary to bring bread when going to visit someone. I had overlooked that in preparation for our mud-bogging adventure. And yet here, Don Rafael and his wife had given us their best. After filming video footage we needed, it was time to start the trek back. I rummaged through my backpack to find something that I could leave with Don Rafael’s wife in appreciation of her hospitality. I had brought extra coffee mugs in case they needed for the video.

I reached in my bag and pulled out my favorite.

It said “Bloom.”

I handed it to Don Rafael’s wife and she gave me in return the biggest smile.

Y’all, maybe that coffee mug was a little prophetic. Because what we are seeing with your help is something beautiful bloom. We’re seeing hope bloom. We’re seeing dreams bloom. We’re seeing friendships bloom.

And all through a plant that blooms—coffee.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe something as simple as our morning (or all-day) coffee can make a difference in the lives of people in mountains of Honduras but let me assure you, it does.

We’re in the last week of SoloHope’s coffee campaign to raise $12500 to start this partnership with Edwin and his farm. Currently we’re just at 60% of that goal—$7545. Honestly it looks quite impossible at the point BUT I serve the God of the impossible.

But do you know who our God uses to do the impossible?


Yep, you and me—us. He uses us to do the impossible.

I want to ask YOU (yes, you) to help us reach this goal. We are so excited about what this partnership represents. Dreams fulfilled. Hope given to families. But as in anything, it takes money. I know nobody likes to talk about the “M” word. Believe me, I sure don’t but I’ll say that “M” word so jobs can be created. I’ll say that “M” word so mommies and daddies can keep their children close and provide what they need. I’ll say that “M” word for you because you can be a part of something bigger than yourself—something of impact.

The $12500 we are raising will be used for the initial coffee purchase (we hope to purchase all the coffee Edwin’s farm produces!), shipping, packaging, and some needed marketing materials for this partnership to be a success.

We’ve got fun perks set up for you to receive when you make your donation. You can check those out and donate to the campaign at

Y’all, we’re down to the short rows as us Southern people say. The campaign ends August 31st. Will you help us meet this goal? And in doing that help us “bloom” more than coffee but a friendship that gives hope?

Join us in this new endeavor by donating at

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