About Me

Well, hello there! I’m so glad for some crazy reason you decided to check out “My Life in Spanish.” My name’s Emilee Connell de Umanzor. Yes, it’s a mouthful and I’m sure there’s a few questions running through your mind about now. So let me tell you bit more…

When I was 16, I started going on mission trips to Honduras. It immediately captured my heart and I kept going back on short-term and extended trips. Over the years, I learned about the challenges and struggles women in rural Honduras faced and saw the desperate need for jobs. That led me to creating bracelets out of pine needles and thread and starting SoloHope. (You can learn more about that here.)

It’s been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. My experience in “missions” has led me around globe to places like India, South Africa and Haiti. I get asked loads of questions about my experiences and often shock people with the not-so-expected answers about how the world of missions actually is (which is not always so pretty.)

In 2016, I started distance dating my now husband, Ever Umanzor. He’s Honduran which answers your question about my name. We were married on the most beautiful mountain outlook in Honduras among friends and family. It was so very special. Marriage is wonderful and hard especially with two stubborn people from different cultures but we are learning and loving. I love mi muchacho mucho mucho and could not imagine life without him.

So this South GA girl now makes her home in Honduras and misses eating Chick-fil-A and watching Kathie Lee & Hoda. But my Jesus is good. He’s lead me to this place and although at times it’s ha
rd (comical, miserable, marvelous, and everything in between) my life in Spanish is good because He is good.